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New Shadow Portfolios

Tasmanian State Labor Leader Rebecca White announced last month that I have been promoted to Shadow Cabinet. I will be taking on the portfolios of Local Government, Planning and Disability.

Having served on the Clarence City Council for nearly four years before entering parliament, I know local government very well, and want to progress sensible planning reform to support the economy and our community, and build the houses needed to address the growing housing crisis.

I am looking forward to engaging closely with the council to help address some of the challenges on the Eastern Shore, including the acute shortage of rental properties.

As the father of a child with a disability, I also know firsthand the challenges faced by people living with a disability and their families, and I am keen to advocate strongly for improvements in the disability sector.

I’m passionate about all three of my new portfolios and I know they’re all issues people on the Eastern Shore care about, so it’s good to have portfolios relevant to my community. I’m already out and about taking on board ideas and look forward to hearing from community members on their views on Local Government, Planning and Disability.

I am still available to help in other priority areas such as health and cost of living.

With Labor's Deputy Leader Anita Dow and Leader Rebecca White


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