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Power Prices Inquiry Goes Ahead!

I’m delighted to welcome an inquiry into one of the most pressing issues facing Tasmanians – power prices.

While it is only one step towards a solution, it is a big win for the households and businesses.

This inquiry was first sparked by feedback I received during the Pembroke byelection, where people were referencing power prices as a major cost of living pressure. Based off this feedback I said that, if elected, I would work to secure support for a Legislative Council inquiry into power prices. I am pleased that after working constructively with other Legislative Councillors that their support has been gained to deliver on that promise. The committee can now work to get to the bottom of the issues facing Tasmanian energy customers, investigate the reasons why Tasmanians are paying the prices we do, and work on solutions to provide cost of living relief for families and businesses. The committee will be chaired by independent MLC Ruth Forrest.

More information can be found here:


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